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From Ciampino Airport 

Serving all the major low cost flight companies (as Ryan AirRome Ciampino Airport called “G. B. Pastine” is located just south of Rome in the same area where Wiki Hostel is located. We suggest to move between this Airport and Wiki Hostel by public transport (bus+train). This airport it is located nearby Wiki Hostel,  just 15/18minutes by train from Ciampino railway. By public transport you have to move from the Airport to the local railway of Ciampino (“Ciampino Stazione”) and than take a train for a short train ride to our local railway (“Zagarolo Stazione”). Please note in this case you DO NOT need to change train in Rome Termini, look for trains directly going to “Zagarolo” (train name = train direction = Cassino or Frosinone, always check if the train is stopping at Zagarolo your stop.

° Ciampino Airport web site
° Trenitalia train timetable
° Airport rental car

So you can get to us in 3 easy steps :

#1 Go to Ciampino train station 5/10 minutes

    ticket rate 1.30 EUR purchasable on the bus

#2 Go to Zagarolo train station 15/18 minutes

ticket rate is 2.10 EUR
departure from Ciampino, arrival to Zagarolo
train name = train direction = Cassino / Frosinone (Zagarolo is your Stop!)
tickets can be purchased at the train station or online

#3 Get to Wiki Hostel 5 minutes

by free Wiki Shuttle pick-up
for new arrivals we serve free pick-up on request, starting from 9am in the morning till last train, we ensure check-in in rooms starting on 2pm but if our guests need to arrrive in advance they can enjoy the hostel common areas and our free luggage deposit

  • Check if our Shuttle is already there
    as may be other guests already called us
  • Call us by local call dial 06 9520054
    you need just 20 cents and public phones are located into the train station’s waiting room and into the nearby Bars
  • Call us by local call dial +39 3771179742

Just if have real troubles to call us, please ask for help to the Newspaper Seller (or Bars) located at the train station little square. If they can, they will help you calling us, tell them “ho bisogno di contattare Wiki Hostel per favore” and please do not forget to be gentle and tell a big “Grazie”  😉

From Fiumicino Airport 

Rome Fiumicino  Airport called “Leonardo da Vinci” is the main international hub. This airport it is located far away from Rome and Wiki hostel too, about 50Km. In order to get to Wiki Hostel by public transport you have to move by train from the Airport Indoor Railway to “Rome Termini” Railway so to be on time for the last train for Wiki (“Zagarolo” Railway) leaving from “Roma Termini” at 10.28 pm. You can get to us in 3 easy steps :
#1 Go to Roma Termini train station by Train or Shuttle-Bus (40/50 minutes)
#2 Go to Zagarolo train station from Roma Termini by train (25/35 minutes)
#3 Free Wiki Shuttle pick-up  (5 minutes)

By Public Transport, the best option 😉

From Fiumicino Airport to Wiki Hostel, 3 steps : #1 go to “Roma Termini” railway by train or bus-shuttle ; #2 go to “Zagarolo” railway by train ; #3 finally call us for the free Wiki hostel shuttle pick up.
From Wiki Hostel to Fiumicino Airport, 3 steps : #1 go to “Zagarolo” railway ; #2 go to “Roma Termini” railway by train ; #3 finally go to “Fiumicino Aeroporto” railway by train or bus-shuttle.
Details about those connection are available here below.

Between Fiumicino Airport and “Roma Termini” railway:
You can choose between the train (faster solution, 30minutes of travel) or the bus shuttle (cheaper solution, 50+ minutes of travel).
By Train : the faster solution (32minutes) is the high speed train called “Leonardo Express”. Train departures from Fiumicino Airport 2 times each hour at .08 and .38 minutes (for example 10.08, 10.38, 11,08, 11.38 and so on).  Fiumicino Airport railway is located indoor, inside the airport. The rate for a one-way ticket is 14 EUR by adult (children aged 4 to 12 years old have one free ticket per any adult paying, children aged 0-3 travel for free). Do not forget to stamp the ticket at the yellow machines located nearby the train gate. Arrival day notes : train direction is “Roma Termini”, the last usefull train departures at 09.38 pm (21.38) from Fiumicino Airport railway arriving at “Roma Termini” just on time to take the last train connection for “Zagarolo” (departing at 10.28 PM). We suggest to buy the special train ticket only at the official “Trenitalia” ticket office located at the airport train station (avoid the travel agency box located just before the gate because for the same ticket they ask +2EUR commision and this is not nice!). Departure day notes : train direction is “Fiumicino aeroporto”, the train gate at Roma Termini is the number 24 (just nearby the Mokà cafè). You can buy the ticket at Trenitalia ticket box or vending machines.
By Bus Shuttle : the cheaper solution (50+ minutes) is the bus transfer runned by several bus companies. Fiumicino Airport bus shuttle terminal is located outdoor, inside the airport just out of the arrivals area. The rate for a one-way ticket is about 4/6 EUR.

Between “Roma Termini” and “Zagarolo” railway :  
30 minutes by train, all infos you need (train timetable included) they are available here : Between Wiki hostel & Rome downtown: by train

Between “Zagarolo” railway and Wiki hostel :
by walking or by free Wiki shuttle transfer. we will arrive in 5 minutes, all infos you need they are available here : Between Wiki hostel and “Zagarolo stazione” our local railway

Links for detailed infos about timetable and tickets of the connections :
° Fiumicino Airport web site
° Trenitalia train timetable
° Trenitalia “Leonardo Express” train shuttle
° Terravision bus shuttle
° Sit-Bus-Shuttle bus shuttle
° T.A.M bus shuttle
° Airport rental car