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Private Ensuite Rooms

Wiki Hostel offers single, double, twin or family private rooms up to 6 guests 

All our Private Rooms are ensuite, provided with private bathroom and showers. Our Rooms are bright, clean and provided with spotless blankets. Towels are included (1 big towel by guest), extra towels if needed they are available at desk for rent.

Private 1 Guest

rate for 1 guest
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Private 2 Guests

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Private 3 Guests

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Private 4 Guests

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Private 5 Guests

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Private 6 Guests

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Bedplaces in Dorms

Wiki Hostel offers coed, male, female dorms accomodating  4, 6 or 9 guests

All our dorms are large and bright, provided with lockers, comfortable bunk beds and spotless blankets. All dorms have private bathroom & showers, plus additional facilities available in the common areas. Towels are available at desk for rent.

Large Dorm

up to 9 bedplaces
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Mid Dorm

up to 6 bedplaces
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Small Dorm

up to 4 bedplaces
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