Ask to every italian a characteristic about the ancient Roman people and we are sure the answer will be: they love to eat and drink! Since thousands of years, the territory of Rome and its surroundings are famous because a particular mood is in the air: enjoying the life and the gift of the nature, such as the unmissable wine and the local food!! A tradition that come directly from the ancient romans, who where pretty accostumed to meet together and enjoying their joyful banquets, eating and drinking to their heart content! So why not to put a Toga, just for a night, and pretend to be still in that age? Why not, when in Rome, to live life to the fullest???

Yes, we know: you’ve been told Rome is full of locations to party all night long. And yes, when you’ll meet other travelers, you can talk about how beautiful is Trastevere, San Lorenzo, the Trevi Fountain by night…. but guys, you can read this in every travel blog or guides about Rome!!! We never liked to be “as you expected” or “same as the others”: we are way different, always taking care of making you have a unique, memorable experience!



At first there is the banquet, because you know, in Italy food can never miss! Just grab a drink from our bar (we strongly recommend you a good, local wine!) it’s the only admission you have to pay to enjoy this night event! The food is various and non stop, from 7.30 till 11 PM, and you’ll find it on the side of the dance floor on a ancient-roman-style banquet!

It will come a point everything will change: the staff will take the normal clothes away and minutes after minutes you’ll be surrounded by people in toga…. It’s time to stand up and dance! …and to not make you miss anything, our sauna will be on, and you can use it for free (yes! for free!), and our pool will be waiting for you to refresh your body between a dance or a sauna session!

So let’s make a quick recap. You just have to take care of the drinks, we’ll arrange the rest: you got all you can eat banquet, the sauna, the pool, the toga (complete with DIY laurel crown!!), the music….and it’s free!!!


Don’t worry, you don’t have to steal a sheet from your hostel’s bed! We got a toga for everybody! You just have to bring smiles and good mood… and take your shirt off, ’cause believe us, once the Toga Party starts nobody is able to stay without a toga!!

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