Welcome we are the Wiki Hostel Crew staff + local and international volunteers  … plus our Wiki cats and Lola our super sweet black lab!
together we all are the Wiki hostel Family!

“We are a passionated crew, rated as WORLD TOP FRIENDLY by customers like you!”

Together with the Crew of our Farming Organic Project Pantasema we work hard to give our best to you our guest & friend.
We hope you will join us & the intercultural activities having with us and the other fellow customers a real Top-Friendly experience


Wiki Hostel Crew worldwide top-friendly!

The Wiki Hostel crew is the real “core” of Wiki Hostel. We are a united, motivated, top-friendly and professional team, working and developing cultural projects and social enterprise activities together for more than 10 years. We also are passionated travellers speaking english, italiano and espanol. The “core” of Wiki Hostel is an italian and international passionated Crew, also the Wiki Hostel’s little pets (our cute Wiki Hostels’s cats!) they are proudly part of our Crew, taking care of the hostel’s outdoor areas and of the guests who love pet them ? Finally, a real important part of our big family they are all the Wiki Hostel’s Friends and Volunteers and our not-fro-profit organizations : NoBorder onlus and Patchanka Network. All together we cooperate to develop Wiki Hostel project out or best, activating also initiatives and projects related to : Social Tourism, Cross-Culture and Sustainability. As well our friendly and funny famous Pasta & Pizza Parties! We are so passionated about our mission and work … We really hope you will appreciate our experience of stay with us ?


Pantasema! Our biodynamic farming project

Starting on Summer 2015 we have started a new project experience, closely connected to the Hostel. Thanks to our Pantasema Crew and local / international volunteers we are involved into an active farming project orienteed to synergistic – biodynamic farming  and sustainable development. As a Wiki Hostel guest you can partecipate in an active farming day thanks to our #zappachetipassa volunteering programme, if you like it, just tell us ?


Associazione No Border is our certified Not for Profit Organisation. Since 2004 we operate actions, projects, exchanges and volunteering programmes related to: SOCIAL TOURISM/HOSTELLING, CROSS-CULTURE/ANTI-RACISM, SUSTAINABILITY/FARMING.
We develop a Social Tourism project (WIki Hostel) and a farming project (Pantasema). Our mission is to promote a responsible tourism. We produce social impact encouraging the meeting between global and local, out of any discrimination or prejudice… we are prouldy co-founder & partner of Patchanka Network …