Wiki #winehostel Winery

Our Wiki Winery offers on-site local wines and delicious typical appetizers. Have a taste of Zagarolo wine cellars swipping the best  wines from our local wine makers. Combine our good wines with appetizers as Cheeses or Coppiette, fresh baked typical bread or bread biscuits from the local ancient bakeries. Do not miss to dip in wine the unique Zagarolo’s Wine Cookies: ‘Ciambelle al Vino’ zagarolesi.

Cafeteria & Bar

We obiously also have a Bar & Cafeteria serving : alcolich & analcholic drinks, cocktails or shots, cafè, decaf, ginseng or at our cafeteria. Try the Spritz, the real italian aperitive! Plus 24h Snacks & Drinks service : a vending machine is also available 24hours just in case you get hungry or thirsty …

Pizza, Pasta party & more!

Enjoy our cross-cultural kitchen events, sign up and joi our Crew, local friends, international volunteer & the other fellow travellers. Do not miss our world-wide famous Wiki #PastaParty on monday plus our famous Wiki #PizzaParty on friday. It is not just a meal … we cook together, we eat together! Sign up for those and more events as our special Wine Tasting, Barbecue Party, International Social Dinners.


Go Self-Contained! The Wiki Guest-kitchen is avalaible for your self-contained cooking and always open 7am to midnight for all your needs. Enjoy this free facilities if you want to cook your home-made meal, saving money and feeling  “just like home” … but do not forget to clean everything you have used after your meal 😉
* note: not available for goups

Guest Barbecues

In addition to the Guest-Kitchen we also offer 2 outdoor Barbecues located in our private garden Park ..  a perfect spot to chill and relax on summer time meeting the other fellow guests & friends …

Enjoy your Pantasema Meal!

We do provide a small high quality food shop with tasty local food from our Pantasema organic farming project & friend food producer. Enjoy our ready-to-go typical appetizers! Discover the taste of our food Made in Pantasema! Or shop and go self-contained cooking a special homemade Pasta with homemade organic sauces and fresh products (as veegies from our Pantasema’s garden and eggs from our chickens).

Restaurant experience

Ready to try our Local Restaurant Experience ? Enjoy our special Menùs at our partner Local Restaurants. Reserve your table directly at Wiki Hostel desk and enjoy your lunch or dinner in a beautiful location inside one of our medieval old town Restaurants. No hidden costs or bad surprises, pay your Menù in advance at Wiki desk and enjoy it mindless, Buon Appetito!

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