Diary from Wiki, Rome, Italy

First of all, we are good! Everybody (till now) in very good health here at Wiki Hostel Family! The first case of CoronaVirus reported in Europe was January 20th. By the time, CoronaVirus looked something so far from us… so far as the China and the astonishing sci-fi immages we could watch.

The first case in Italy was reported 1 month later, Feb 21st at Codogno, a small town of Lombardy (the region of Milan). As Corona Virus attacked Italy from the north, some areas were immediately locked-down. As the virus spreads the lockdown has been extended to all Italy. At the beginning, many people underestimated the danger, politicians and influencers used to divide into 2 opposite point of view: “this is an enormous danger fot he public health” vs “it is just a flu”. In the meantime thousand of people (entire towns!) they have been tested by the public health system up north, were first case was reported. In a short, Italy became the country reporting more cases after China. Since that time things began to run fast, the virus spread as the gov runned to release clear advices to the population, and adopt urgent measure to face the emergency, try to slow down the virus and enforce the public health system.

What happened in Italy

March 5th the Gov closed all schools and universities (at least till April 3rd). In the next days progressively the Gov closed: all pubs, restaurant and bars on weekend and working days after 6pm. The same for the malls (with the only exception for the food supermarket).

It became clear this was a very exceptional never seen emergency. Finally even the media began to react more responsibly, stopping to share opinions by not experts, avoiding the fake news, and most of all providing a never seen priority to experts, scientists and medical staff.

March 11th the north lockdown has been extended everywhere in Italy (at least till March 25th), a very extreme measure but very appreciated from everybody as a clear advice to foolow in order to cooperate for self and public health protection. After 24hours of panic, north to south Italy everywhere the people surprisingly began to cooperate in order to make the jobs of the gov and healt system more easy, simply staying at home.

“State a Casa”… stay home! The ashtag “#stateacasa” went viral as the “#andràtuttobene” (the social campaign created for the children).

Tips and FAQ

People locked themselves in houses, and got used soon to the rules to self-protect:

1) wash hands often
2) protect the elderly people and all “fragile” people
3) do not hugs, provide hands or touch anybody (exception made for the persons you live with)
4) maintan safety distance when out of home (at least 1 meter from anybody)
5) get out of home just in case of real needs (food, health or unavoidable jobs commitments)
6) never get out if reporting some flu or coughing
7) if you got flu over 37.5 degree with respiratory problems, call your doctor
8) never go to doctors or hospitals in order to avoid to infect others or reduce the risk to be infected
9) if you need a real medical care your doctor will organize the ambulance to take you from home to the specialty COVID hospitals

The lock down

When CoronaVirus was just something related to China it looks light a movie or a nightmare… actually being in lockdown for CoronaVirus it is something not so hard to do: we can fill up a certificate available online, we use it to declare real needs, as for example go to groceries and food-supermarket to buy food or to the phamarcies or so. Foodstores receive daily supplies. People can get out to buy what they needs, remaining in a line at a distance out of the store where can enter just a few of people by time in order to avoid any danger due to crowds. If you got dogs, you can take them out just in the nearby of your house for a very short walk and some other phisical needs.

Obviously we (the Wiki Hostel Family) are lucky, we are nearby a big town (Rome, our capital!) but in the sweet countryside of the beautiful roman hills. We are quarantined but in a big charming villa of 5thousands square meters of green park. And we are using our time to make a lot of do it yourself activities. In addition to that we take care of our Pantasema farming project, our organic natural garden and our farm animals.

 For us (italians in health staying at home) now it is easy. Not for the medical and hospital staff struggling in a exhausting battle in the intensive care dpts. Nore for the thousand of patients hospitalized with critical respiratory conditions. The people who passed thru this said it is like to drawn. Doctors and nurses reports as the major complication, pneumonia, it is the most aggresive never seen. Elderly and more fragile people dies more than the younger and those in good health. They says it is so frustrating to see so many people going into critical conditions and so many people dying… especially now, when is not possible for any relatives to comfort, being nearby and taking care (as nobody can access the hospitals of course).

United we stand!

Now it is easy for the most of us, because now we just have to stay at home… but about tomorrow (when/if ready to start again our life) we all know will not easy at all. With weeks (months?!?) or economical activities forced to stop, many of those will not able to reopen and all Italy will experience a greater debt and economical crise.

 Actually we in Italy find unity and provide force each other making the balconies singing, performing from balconies all the vitality of our typical italian culture and lifestyle. Decorating the houses with the beautiful rainbows drew by the children. Sharing thru socail networks everything we can share, from our personal to our professionals skills. Supporting our neighbours making shopping for them in case of need. Clapping all together for medical staff and all people involved in this fight against the virus.

And then?

To be honest, having more time it is not so bad when people stops and got time to think to the most important values… as the importance to fund the public welfare and, once for all, send home all the politicians that gains political consensus with battle against the welfare as the Commons.

To be honest when/if this emergency will be over. We will not be the same. And if so we hope we will not forget to take care of our real priorities, enjoying the life with a different development model, not longer waiting for a real change. The virus destroy any sovranism demostrating to all of us we are one people and one world. We should use this time to do not longer reorganize our priorities: respecting our planet, stopping the climate change (cut carbon emissions now!) and always giving priority to people before profit and real sustainable local small economies instead of finance and big corporations.

We should… in the meantime we stayhome… and we expect all of our friends, guests, travellers, volunteers around the world organize themselves to do the same!!! We love you!!! Wherever you are. We hope you to see you soon, when possible! Please take care <3

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In the meanwhile…. Some DIY in times of Covid!

Don’t worry because we are not losing our attitude to take care of you all and we are enjoying this days to make some beautiful do it yourself improvements at WikiHostels! Strictly using recycled or natural materials like old maps or …of course our typical and incredibly strong bamboos!! We want to share with you step by step what we are doing… maybe you got some suggestions or encouraging words to give us!!! <3 See you soon guys!!!

Old maps for cooler lockers!